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How are headphones categorized


1. According to the principle of energy exchange
There are three main types of headphones: Dynamic, Balanced Armature and Electrostatic headphones. Although there are several equivalent magnetic formulas in addition to these three types, they are either eliminated or used for professional purposes. The market share in Hi-Fi field is very small.

Moving coil headphones: At present, most headphone earplugs belong to this category. The principle is similar to that of ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to produce sound under the driving of signal current.

Mobile iron earphone: also known as balance armature, was originally used for hearing aids. The movable iron unit can make the diameter smaller, so as to design earphones with deeper entrance and exit ears.

Electrostatic headphones: The diaphragm is in a changing electric field, the diaphragm is very thin, accurate to several microns, and the coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving of electric field.

2. According to the structure of headphone cavity
Mainly open, semi-open and closed (closed).
(1) Open type: generally natural hearing, comfortable wearing, commonly used in home appreciation of HIFI headphones, sound can be leaked, and vice versa can also hear the voice of the outside world, headphones on the ear pressure is less.
(2) Semi-open: Without strict regulations, voice can only go in or out, and adjust accordingly according to needs.
(3) Closed type: The earmuffs press the ears heavily to prevent the sound from entering and leaving, and the sound is positioned correctly and clearly, which is common in the field of professional surveillance.